What is bandbyweek?

bandbyweek is a blog dedicated to music, written by a guy named James. Just like listeners’ tastes in music change, the blog changes. Every week is dedicated to a different band.

On Monday, a playlist will be posted with music from the week’s band. New posts will be posted Monday, Thursday, and Saturday.

The purpose of bandbyweek is to celebrate and explore the music that we all love. Specifically, posts will take on a more “liner notes” approach to music. This means that posts will attempt to go deeper into the bands that most of us are familiar with. For example, when talking about Talking Heads, bandbyweek wrote about the cover art for the Remain in Light album and explored why David Byrne used to flail around on stage. Cool, right?!

Thanks for reading, and happy listening.

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Exploring a different band every week.

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